Frank Ocean’s week of works includes one poem that caught my eye and my heart.


my boyfriend drives a lil bucket

when it rain it fills up with rain

my boyfriend he gon pick me up

don’t distract him at the wheel

in his lane

he’s the only one
my boyfriend he misses me when i’m gone

so he don’t forget me

there’s a song he sings

calms his nerve, endings

my boyfriend is friendly

and we don’t want no problems
i could say that i’m happy

they let me and my boyfriend become married

i could say that i’m happy

but cross my heart i didn’t notice

hope to die no never, we voted

me and my boyfriend cast our ballot

every kiss reads like a poem

making wrongs right like a poem
i couldn’t say i dream of you

because my dreams are filled with no one

and all is lost

me and my boyfriend we found

we don’t hope for beyonds at all

me and my boyfriend spend time

and that’s all i’m holding on

this time
we got permission

nothing’s above condition

but this ain’t a thang

it’s a mission
can’t join the band so sing along

me and my boyfriend got it going on

sleep with fans and t shirts on

asleep in vans your legs all strewn

across my lap

tan lines where your watch was strapped

you took off to make time
cut your hair

you left it long

i love to stare

there’s nothing wrong

and if i die while i’m asleep

i pray to God my boyfriend

keeps my secret


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