I’m a fan of living in the cloud. I don’t like clutter or junk and I really don’t really appreciate the inefficiency of some things being physical and by proxy, not omnipresent, (after all, you can’t carry your entire CD collection around with you when it’s in CD form). I appreciate the ease of Kindle, of streaming movies and contactless payments, but sometimes you want to feel a book, hold the classic movie in DVD form and carry coins for impromptu tips or purchases.

So, I don’t feel too guilty about having a little box of things I don’t want to part with, a box of memories, if you will. Theatre ticket stubs, special birthday cards, letters, that sort of thing, it’s very sentimental, I know, but it’s nice to have a look in every now and then to remember the little (and often most important) things.

A name place card from a dear friend’s baby shower, a postcard from my other half from his first trip away alone without me after we first met (he missed me), a thank you card from a close friend’s sister when her sibling was unwell and I looked after them, one of many letters from my Nanna, a postcard from the lobby of the hotel my mother, boyfriend and I stayed in in NYC (she found it in her handbag weeks after the trip and posted it to us), the local newspaper which included a write-up and photo of me getting my A level grades and my niece and goddaughter before she was born.


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